Gagik Ohanyan, Arménie

10.11. 2020

Prague Open Cup online 7.-8.11.2020

Gagik Ohanyan, Individual Kata Boys "In No Gi" (3-1 KYU) Winner  

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Gagik Ohanyan, I am from Armenia, Yerevan.

How long and where do you practice karate?

 I have been practicing karate since I was 5 years old, it is almost 5 years now.I practice karate in Art-karate dojo, my father's dojo.

What is your favourite karate technique?

My favorite karate technique is kizami tsuki, giako tsuki one step and giako tsuki.

How many times per week and how long do u practise in normal times and how do you prepare in this coronavirus time, when dojos are closed?

Before the COVID I used to take trainings 5 days in a week, 3 hours per day and I didn't stop my trainigs in COVID period, I continued trainings outside and at home.

As the live competitions were cancelled this year I decided to not miss the opportunity to participate on-line competitions. It was a good experience for me. Many thanks to the organizers.